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South Auckland Family Violence Prevention Network - Choose 2 B Violence Free

The Safer Aotearoa Family Violence Prevention Network Association, incorporated through a facilitated visioning process involving the General Membership, the organisation’s Maori and Pacific Caucus Groups, and a series of Member Working Groups.

We gratefully acknowledge the Member Organisations who contributed staff time to this process; the individuals involved for their energy, ideas and commitment to the process and the Tindall Foundation for sponsoring Cheryl Holloway to facilitate the initial visioning work in 2010.  This plan will be used to guide the activities of SAFVPN Staff and Members over the next 5 years and to provide a cohesive point of reference for the diverse range of individuals, groups and organisations that will collaborate to achieve the organisational vision.
   By 2016 SAFVPN will be positioned as the leading voice in Family        Violence Prevention for the community of South Auckland/Tamaki                                                     Makarau. 

We will be:
  Proud members of a network of diverse individuals and organisations   representative of the wider community; promoting holistic well-being     and preventing violence; walking in wisdom with our communities to  mobilize community strengths; creating violence free environments for                                           future generations.  
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